what to expect after reiki attunement

what to expect after reiki attunement

For several years thereĀ what to expect after reiki attunement has been a secrecy surrounding Reiki icons. In many Reiki therapy classes, the master would insist that the students memorize the Reiki symbols and not write them down anywhere. Probably the fear was that they would be misused if they fell to the wrong hands.

what to expect after reiki attunement

Of perhaps there was a more sinister motive. Traditionally, it has been very difficult and expensive to become a Reiki learn. Indeed, some masters recharged $10, 000 for Reiki III, the master level.

Whatever the reason, it is surprising that some Reiki associations and master shrouded the Reiki symbols with secrecy. Because this ignores one of the fundamental truths about Reiki!

Reiki cannot harm an individual, it can only do good! So an untrained person trying to use the Reiki symbols will not cure you. Yet you won’t be any worse off, because Reiki cannot harm you. Consequently, the fear that the Reiki symbols would tumble into the wrong hands is no justification for all the secrecy.

That makes one think that the more likely basis for the secrecy was to control the curing art, and keep it very exclusive and expensive. Within any event, Reiki icons have now been widely published and are no longer a large secret. 1 of the first to publish them was Diane Stein, who is acknowledged as a very powerful Reiki master and an authority on the healing arts.

In addition, she had her some doubts that the secrecy was more for business than for the betterment of the art!

One of the strange consequences of all the secrecy surrounding the Reiki symbols is that there is now much discussion about which is the correct original form of the four major symbols. Because people were working from memory, and memory space can fade over time, different renditions of the symbols have emerged.

Numerous factions are claiming that their version is the true original. Nevertheless the very fact that there are variations of the symbols in existence proves the most crucial point I want to make here in this article.

It is not the symbols themselves that are very important. What is important is the quality of the Reiki master providing the training and education about this is of the emblems and the proper use and application of the emblems. If the symbol itself was of any importance, then those Reiki masters using the wrong version of the symbol would not be effective. And yet they are just like effective.

That makes the secrecy about the Reiki emblems very amusing, because it was obviously a total waste of time. The training surrounding the symbols and using these to enhance the curing energy in a Reiki Therapy session is the only thing that concerns in the end. The mechanical duplication of the symbols might make you a great performer, but it’s not going to make you any good at Reiki therapy!

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